About Uslek

As far back as I can remember I wanted to be a Veterinarian because of my deep feelings for animals and the need to help them. However my grades in school did not quite allow that dream to become reality.

So I decided to learn a trade and became a computer engineer which lasted 12 years but I really did not enjoy it so then decided to start my own business

So in 1989 my partner Frank and I started one of the first 10 nutrition stores in the entire country that offered nutrition products by mail and when the Internet was born we evolved the business into a web store www.PhysicalAddictions.com We were featured on a front cover story in February 1997 in Entrepreneur magazine titled “Secrets of Mail Order Success”.

The business was very successful so after 24 years in 2013 I sold it and basically retired.

Retirement can be very boring for some with a type A personality. So I decided to go back to work rather than just vacation and not accomplish anything with my life

I thought back to my first job I created when I was 7, I used to make candles and sell them quite successfully door to door. And I thought back how badly I always wanted to be a Veterinarian so I could help animals. So after months of pondering over several ideas I decided that half of whatever I make from now on will go to help animals in local shelters


So one day I had a brain fart and this is what came out.

This crazy idea of making candles again but this time with a funny twist.

This is how YankMeCandle.com was born.

Me and my Wife both have a huge compassion for animals. People I have some compassion for of course, but people choose her own destiny in most cases that is, some of them have no choice of their situation or health, However, generally speaking that is, animals are totally helpless and in full need of human love and support and must depend on us to survive in every way.

After all what is better than a dog for a non human companion?

Sometimes I think they are even better companions than people

No matter what kind of day you have or what kind of mood you are in; when you come home he/she is always there to greet you with a wagging tail and nothing to show but unconditional love for you.

So since it’s too late for me to be a veterinarian it is not too late to help animals. There are so many across the country and world that need our help and what little me my wife can do is all better than just going fishing or hanging out everyday.

So that’s why we are dedicating our time now is to help the helpless animals that need us so badly.

So I came up with this crazy idea and again go for full circle to start another business like the first one I ever started over 50 years ago, but hopefully this time much more successful!!!

And this time it is not such an innocent candle line either.

50% of our profits from YankMe candles will go to directly to local animal shelters.

If we are fortunate and blessed and this thing blows up, our ultimate goal would be to open up our own animal shelter not only here but everywhere in the country. But we have to be realistic and start from square one and one brick and one day at a time.

So yes, some of these candle names are rude and crude and even somewhat obscene but the bottom line is at some point you have to laugh.!

That’s one thing that doesn’t hurt anyone, a good laugh

So what the Hell,

Have a good laugh and maybe buy one for your friends also

and at least have some of the profits go to a great cause.

I’ve come to the point my life I’m saying what the HELL why NOT? its funny… it doesn’t hurt anyone and if it gives 1 animal a life and a home it is worth it

But I hope we do far more than that

One last thing, the Internet today is really an amazing thing. … People these days get a serious email for example something serious like a Magic Pill (which I created in 2004 during my nutrition career) and what do they do?

They most often glance at it and trash it.

But send them a video of a squirrel on a surfboard or something else funny, what do they do?

Forward it to 20 friends !! So that is why I think this will be a hit!!

So please have a good laugh help us go viral, and please tell your friends ,

and again at least we are putting it towards a great cause as well

Thank you for your time and business, I wish you all the best of health and happiness

Have a great day and Enjoy!!

Rick Martis

Founder and CEO

www.StinkyCandle.com Inc

200 S Miramar Ave

Indialantic FL 32903

1 855 YankMe1

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