Our Patentlek

YankMeCandle.com is not affiliated in any way with any other candle company.

However, we are quite unique because of our distinctive stinky candle patent pending process.

Here is the problem with other stinky candle companies; who the heck wants to burn and smell a stinky candle? These candles just become a novelty for a funny name or smelly scent but nobody will want to stink up their house by lighting it.

So we found a solution for this

We designed a removable plastic teacup that fits inside the rim of the candle jar that holds just a small amount of smelly wax.

When you see the funny name on the jar and open the lid and smell the nasty wax on the top of the jar, the joke is complete. So now rather than just let the candle sit on a counter and collect dust once the joke is over. You can simply remove the smelly disc and light the pleasant normal scented candle below.

Then hopefully buy another one from us.

We use the finest materials obtainable to manufacture our candles. We only use high quality natural Soy wax, all natural high quality pleasant scents and use 100% cotton wicks to insure you have the best quality candle you can buy at any price.

Thank you for visiting YankMeCandle.com and please tell a friend.

Your purchase and support goes to a good cause as well.

Rick Martis
Founder and CEO
StinkyCandle.com Inc
200 S. Miramar Ave
Indialantic FL 32903